The Best

I was lucky enough to get some amazing feedback from my last post about play. And it seems from some insightful friends that perhaps I was looking too for inspiration. And I got to thinking…where do I find inspiration? In following others’ leads I decided to cleanse by brainstorming a list of things that are “the best”. The best being or meaning that certain feeling in my chest, my heart, my brain while it is taking place or I am witnessing or lucky enough to be touched by.

In no particular order….

When Seven wakes early in the morning and in his soft 2-year-old voice says, “Hi, mom”.  The hi stretches out for a couple of seconds and he sounds excited when he says mom.

When Tyler and I laugh really hard at the same thing.

On a run when my breathing and body are in line which totally makes my brain pop with ideas.

The lull time after acupuncture

The energy after hot yoga

New issue of Lula magazine

When I spot the perfect pair of ridiculous new shoes

Crossing a finish line

Meals when I am surrounded by my entire family

Small random towns found on trips

Museum gift shops

Cobblestone streets at night

Handwritten mail

Watching somebody open a present I picked out for them

A new painting from my sister

A really good book

Sunshine after a grey day

Waiting for a friend or my family to come up the escalator at the airport

Throwing someone a party

Making Seven laugh so hard he is almost purple

The way a room looks with a lit up Christmas tree in it

Shopping indie in a big city

When the crowd know all the words at a concert and the band lets us take over the song

Reading what other people write when I couldn’t say it or even think it clearly

Snuggling with Seven

When I  really, really follow my intuition and do something big

Seeing my sister sing

Watching my brother DJ and dancing in the crowd

Not getting the steps for weeks in hip hop class and then having it all come together (but good lord embarrassing along the way)

Sharing knowledge and brainstorming in a classroom

Making really tasty things from scratch

Planning something big and new

I’m sure there are lots more. But I just typed what came to my mind quickly and put it out there. I think I will let it sit for a minute and come back to see what this list suggests I do. Just doing this gave me “the best” feeling in my chest and brain. What’s funny is that I wasn’t expecting that. Perhaps it already has told me something?


5 Responses to “The Best”

  1. rawqueen Says:

    I think posting to your blog might be on your best/play list too! I especially love, waiting for a loved one at the airport, hot yoga, brainstorming in a classroom, hand written mail… Well, they are all fabulous really. Have a gorgeous day. 🙂

  2. Kat Says:

    Juicier and juicier! You are really going somewhere with this. Please don’t stop.
    I can’t help but think this is all so VISCERAL.
    Going back and looking at your last couple of posts, and your Mondo Beyondo list, I see Jen growing into her body, soaking up through her senses, claiming the space around her.
    I see a woman standing firm, with her hands on her hips and her chin towards the horizon. Ready to meet whatever comes next.

  3. Kat Says:

    PS And she’s wearing really fabulous shoes.

  4. Inca Maia Says:

    What a fabulous list!
    I love that it’s all about joy. It totally comes through that Mondo was a very enriching experience for you. 🙂

  5. mamie Says:

    oh yeah. no that’s what i am talking about. 🙂

    i want to see seven purple with laughter. awesome.

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