More Sunshine

The clocks have just adjusted giving us the extra hour of sunshine and I find myself surrounded by it a lot. Even though lately the skies have been more grey here than anything else.  The brightness comes from the after effects of Mondo, the new dedication to being present and reflecting over the last 5 weeks since the M.B. ended. Our little tribe agreed to meet up and chat about where we are, where we are going and most importantly to me just promising to stay in touch with these amazing women. So here I am!

I had quite a chance meeting last week. The meeting itself was ordinary and something I do on a regular basis; meet with a new restaurant/bar owner who wants to be on Zifty and have their food delivered.  Almost instantly we got to chatting about life being bigger than our  businesses and what we considered work vs a passion. Turns out he is in the process of starting a side company, as his passion that is about 102 dreams. The idea is you ask your employees to write down 102 of their dreams. He had found that once someone gets past the first 20 (which  tends to be the super material stuff) it gets pretty personal and super attainable. He asked what if we as employers could not only provide a competitive salary/benefits; but we could help our employees facilitate their dreams? He shared examples of a man working for him who wished he could have lunch with his kid at school once a week and a woman who had always wanted to do a triathlon. Some easy moving around with the schedule and the man was having lunch with his son; and it turns out he does triathlons and served as her coach and signed them both up for a small tri in the spring. No major undertaking or cost but results that  the two of them will never forget. It was such an aha moment for me, especially coming out of Mondo where we exercised and stretched our dreams over the 5 weeks and continue on with it today.

I loved that it was so brilliant. And I loved that it is so simple. He immediately asked me what did I want? I talked candidly about how much I am craving collaboration these days. I am one of 2 owners of Zifty and we have about 50 employees and Stories of Gen is just me; so there is a lot of solo or 2 people decision-making. A new community for brainstorming would be a dream for me. A place where I can get outside of myself and see/hear something new. The next thing I know he is offering me his spot this week at headquarters. There will be 20 people there from all different types of companies and the focus is customer experience and being the best place to work. And now I will be one of those people. Flying out Wed and home on Friday. A quick adventure. We are also going to collaborate on the 102 dreams as well; we talked about having the capacity to take this outside of our own companies and sharing it as a new approach to “work”.

I am excited to see who I meet. Whether it’s at the airport, the meeting or my hotel.  I am even more excited to see what I learn. What I share. It is also the first 2 days all to myself since I had Seven. I’m at a point now where I can not feel guilty for going, for making the most out of the 48 hours and letting them play themselves out vs plan every second. It is the last 10 weeks that has gotten me here. Mondo and beyond it. It is also having a place to continue to share and think and question without any hesitation or worry about judgement or not being “enough”.

My little tribe will probably never really realize how big they are in my heart.


3 Responses to “More Sunshine”

  1. rawqueen Says:

    1/3 of the way into the first paragraph of your post and I had goosebumps. I am so excited about 102 and your trip this week. Wish I could journey with you. Though, I know virtually I will. I also did not leave my babies for more than a few hours until my second was a few months older than 2. And my first was almost 5. So I completely understand. I am so glad you have no guilt. It gets in the way of the authenticity of your experience.

    It is amazing how the stars are aligning for you. I look forward to Stories of Gen, your adventures and hopefully, collaborating (in some awesomely creative way) with you in the future!

    Keep a cool head baby and thoroughly enjoy this experience you so righteously deserve…:)

  2. mamie Says:

    that is a frickin’ amazing thing, jen. i am sitting here after reading with my mouth gaping at the beauty of it, the synchronicity, right? i cannot wait to hear more on how this continues to play throughout your days, your work, your life.

    i am pretty sure i feel exactly about you as you do me. i think you are beautiful and inspiring and someone to look to for direction and example and love. i think one of the biggest changes mondo made in my life was giving me exactly the women i need and craved in my life.

    have a wonderful trip. there is something so wonderful and powerful about the first time leaving a child. i remember it felt amazingly good and amazingly hard. hands so empty but each moment cherished. and then in the coming home, the utter sweetness of finding them there, waiting.

    bonne chance, mon ami. a

  3. Kat Says:

    This is you.

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