Oh Me Oh My

The last three weeks have been hectic, stressful and a tad bit distracting. Think random selection for an audit, strictly annoying car accident, lots of visitors, red-eye flight, tons of required planning and 2-year-old molars coming in. BUT what leaves me feeling good about all of it is, is that I have been able to remain in the present through all of it. Instead of getting super anxious and anticipating the next f’ed up thing; I chose to forgive  myself for checking out a bit from things I love, admitting my exhaustion and trusting my gut that this too will pass.

I can accredit some of my  new being present abilities to  mondobeyondo and my lovely talk therapist. But I also give much of that credit to my new posse of friends Amiee, Kat, Stephanie; who friended me with open arms and zero expectations. I read their blogs and it stretches my capacities, I email them the dark and the bright thoughts in my head and I am always flooded with their generosity. So giving with their time, words, and perspective. Helps too to have this little thing running through my life; saying new words, giving me kisses at  perfect times and reminding me what it feels like to experience all things new. You know the plaid, argyle, silver/blue high tops, bunny ears of it all.

Easter #1

The boys on Easter #2


2 Responses to “Oh Me Oh My”

  1. rawqueen Says:

    Hey Sweetie, thanks for the big ups! Glad you are recovering from your obligations, accident and check out. Your Easter boys are so cute. Love, Love, Love plaid and argyle. You too are generous dear. I look forward to your posts and messages, dark and/or light. I am so happy to know you and have you in my life! More love, life and laughter. And good luck with the teeth. Certainly not the easiest thing.

  2. mamie Says:

    so, what i need from you is the inseam on seven’s pants, his waist size and the length from waist to crotch…because that little boy needs a pair of pants that i get to love up on since i cannot give him the hugs and kisses and squeezes that i so desperately wish on him.

    i cannot wait to meet you and the family in person…maybe november if things fall into place…

    are we still on for blogher?

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