Hello There

So with all things new I tend to jump right in not exactly sure where or how it is going to fit into my life. Not willing to give up something to make room for new things, I tend to just add and add and add. And since I am high energy, tend to be a bit spastic with my attention span and relish on more than one thing going on at once it usually works. Usually.

I finished up Mondo, finished up needing to go to my talk therapist every other week (we both agree on this), finished up realizing that I wasn’t enjoying the now just the when. (which meant I wasn’t really enjoying) And you know what? It was quiet. I had no sudden urges to bite off projects, or cook up something new, or get out-of-town or really anything other than what the day presented. And that my friends is a whole new thing for me. That is not how I operate. At all. It was okay at first and then it got a little long and I was getting antsy.  But thankfully I still had this voice telling me something was on its way and to be patient. And for the first time in my life, I was. I am.

What was on its way were all the things that had probably been there all along but I was too busy planning the next thing to notice.  There are almost always things cooking, happening, excitement brewing.  I just needed to let it be okay for it to be a whispered message on some days and a shout out on others. To realize that things really do present themselves in the quiet of it all and for me to not to be so afraid of the silence in the first place. Have I mastered this? Hell no. But I’ll take step one, which is awareness.

In this “down” time, treats have presented themselves to me. A new advisory board I’m on will help companies make their employees dreams come true (by enabling and sharing) and we are adopting the practice into Zifty. Soon all my employees will have access to my 102 dreams. The big, the small, the super personal. The transparency scares me a bit but it doesn’t come close to over-powering how giddy the potential of it all is making me feel.

Also, looks like we are going to England in August! The trip started falling off of our radar from commitments, time and budget. Well we talked about it and put a few things out there into the universe and it is coming together quite beautifully. My training is on track for my first post kid marathon and even better so is my sister’s. (this will be her first!) I inked a major deal I can’t talk about yet. Seven is love, love, loving his new school. I have 3 gifted books by my bedside that want to be read. And I am typing here. My Mondo girls (Kat, Amiee, Stephanie) have been sharing faithfully on their blogs and I just couldn’t resist playing with them any longer. So here I am.  Thankful, rested and eager.


3 Responses to “Hello There”

  1. Kat Says:

    AND you have fabulous sandals.
    Girl, you’re the best.
    I love it.

  2. Stephanie Banka Lyngo Says:

    Love and blessings to you. So wonderful to see you here and read about your summer/adventures etc. I am so excited for you in this new phase of inspired content. I was not kidding about your marathon. If i can watch you come across that line I will. Hoping our family’s move is smoothed out by then.
    Take care darling. 🙂

  3. mamie Says:

    not sure why i missed these posts until now, but love finding them today. i missed you and now i feel like i just had my shot of mondojen to gt me through until you write again.

    i love that you found the place to be in, to stay in, to allow… and that you are honoring it. cannot wait to hear more about the dreams and the vulnerability…not one person laughed at our mondo dreams and i have a feeling your employees will find a new respect and connection to you when you do go ‘public’.

    sending love, my friend. glad you are going to england but wish you could navigate the blogher waters with me. ❤ you. a

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