Gifted brings a lot of things to mind lately. From coming into my own again and recognizing what I am good at. Being able to receive, without feeling guilt or shame that I don’t deserve  what’s being offered to me. Having the energy and want to gift others for no reason other than because I can. It’s been quite a month.

Out of almost nowhere my dad emails me that they would like to contribute to our travel fund. So we can go here and here and TBD.

A chance to take what turned out to be a very underwhelming circus class and have dinner with an amazing group of newer lady friends afterwards. The class was hysterically awkward to me but the dinner was full of tasty food,  very random topics, delish wine.

Finding my favorite massage therapist in the world’s number again and her doing her magic to my tangled legs and glutes.

Taking the time to read this book and this one that my sister gifted to me.

Being surprised with a dream off my list by my business partner at our 7 year anniversary of Zifty.

Celebrating this new deal which will change how we do business.

Seeing every single one of my employees sign up for a dream session. And being asked to be on their advisory board.

Having newly friended neighbors we can borrow eggs from and saying thank you from a play idea on dream lab.

Seven talking in sentences and cracking  jokes while mashing bananas for  bread we made on Sunday.

The fact that I let myself rest this weekend and went to see this by myself.

Hot summer trips to the park with the whole fam because they make a certain someone so happy.

Looking forward to mine and Tyler’s first weekend away since we had Seven; with no expectations other than soaking up every minute of the now.


One Response to “Gifted”

  1. Stephanie Banka Lyngo Says:

    I am so happy that your giftedness is flowin’. Wishing you the best of everything. This post was so authentic it gave me goose bumps. Yay for you and the man. What a blessed gift-the chance to connect. Sending love, smiles and more laughter your way. As for the boy who now speaks sentences-it happens so fast. It knocks your socks off…
    In Joy!

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